Information about Friday’s check-out procedures, student pep bus to Madison Central


THS students will be allowed to check-out at 2 p.m Friday to attend the 2nd Round 6A football playoff game at Madison Central. In order to be able to leave, parents MUST come to the attendance office prior to Friday at 2 p.m. to pre-check-out.

In order for students to receive an excused absence, students MUST sign-in with an administration on the visitor side at Madison Central High School.

Seniors who have senior leave do NOT need to sign-in.

If a student check-outs incorrectly or doesn’t sign-in, an unexcused absence will be given.



A pep bus will also go to the game at 2 p.m. The cost is $10. This does NOT include admission to the game ($7) or any meals. Students will need to follow the same instructions as mentioned for checking out.

A sign-up sheet will be in J Building until Friday. Athletic Director Andy Schoggin will also be available to help answer questions and take up money in the cafeteria all this week.


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