Q&A with Tupelo football’s Reed Bigham

Last week was a big week for senior kicker Reed Bigham. We sat down with Bigham and asked some hard-hitting questions.

TBB: THS football has always had strong kickers. What do you do daily to become a stronger kicker for the Golden Wave?

  • RB: Really strong kickers are the ones who have their basics down pat. I always go over my basic leg swings and controlling my hips before I do any full kicks. I also stretch at least twice a day.

TBB: Friday night against Lafayette you hit field goals of 39 and 49 yards. Explain what was going through your head on the field?

  • RB: Honestly, when I’m about to take a kick my mind is almost blank. I don’t really worry about what might happen or what’s going around me, all I can think about is going through my kicking motions. Usually I can’t even hear the crowd when I’m lined up.

TBB: You also had an amazing play against Lafayette when you ran down a Commodore kickoff returner to save a touchdown. What did your teammates say to you about this?

  • RB: That’s what my teammates call the “Bigham Curse”. Every year since 8th grade I’ve had to run someone down on kickoff, but fortunately I’ve never had anyone score on me. They just joke that I’m lucky that I’m fast.

TBB: You also play soccer for THS. Which sport do you enjoy more? And why?

  • RB: That’s a tough one. I like football better because of the atmosphere and the pressure that’s put on me. However, I love soccer because of how close-knit our team is and how it keeps me in shape.

TBB: As a senior, what are you expecting from this special football team this year?

  • RB: This year I’m expecting us to do great things. I’m not going to say we will win them all, but we’re going to give everything we have every game. Our other seniors are going to be great leaders and all our games will be played with a different intensity than years before.

TBB: What’s your favorite meal in Tupelo?

  • RB: Definitely a burger and a shake from Dairy Kream.

TBB: Vine or Instagram? Facebook or Twitter? Coke or Pepsi?

  • RB: I use Instagram a pretty good bit. I don’t have a Twitter, and Coke for sure.

TBB: As of right now, what are your plans after high school?

  • RB: After high school I haven’t decided on what school I’ll be attending. I’ve talked to coaches about playing in college, but Im looking for a school that will allow my athletics to help me achieve my academic needs.


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